Los Angeles Asbestos Contaminated Sites & Industries

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos, a material that was widely used in industrial settings, construction settings, and shipyards. Breathing in asbestos fibers puts people at risk for having the material become embedded in the lining material of the pleural or peritoneal cavities, where it can then cause cell death and lead to the growth of deadly mesothelioma tumors.

The state of California has an extensive history of asbestos use as well as a significant presence of naturally occurring asbestos. As a result, California is the state with the highest number of mesothelioma deaths and the highest mesothelioma death rate.

Los Angeles, California workers were exposed to asbestos in a wide range of occupational settings, including:

• Shipyards and Naval Bases
• Oil Platforms, Oil Refineries, and Oil Product Terminals
• Power Plants (Coal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear)
• Asbestos Mining

Los Angeles has a population of nearly 4 million people and has long been one of California’s economic drivers. As such, it has been home to a number of important industries that have exposed workers to asbestos and put them at risk for malignant mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Some of the most notorious sites of asbestos contamination in the Los Angeles area include:

• Long Beach Naval Shipyard (Terminal Island)
Originally known as Terminal Island Naval Shipyard and the U.S. Naval Dry Docks, Roosevelt Base, California, the shipyard performed repairs for a variety of ships and worked on all aspects of nonstructural repairs, including working on boilers, electrical wiring and pipe fitting. Each of these functions and many more exposed workers to asbestos-contaminated materials. The base was officially closed in 1997 after 57 years of operations.
• California Zonolite/Diversified Insulation (W.R. Grace)
According to the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR), the Los Angeles location and several other California sites for this company were considered potential toxic hazard areas requiring extensive asbestos cleanup. Each site processed more than 100,000 tons of asbestos-contaminated vermiculite from the notorious W. R. Grace mine in Libby, Montana. The site provided exfoliation services, heating the vermiculite ore in order to force it to expand. The process released large amounts of asbestos.
• Todd Shipyards Corporation
This multi-location ship-building company ran shipbuilding operations in Los Angeles. Though the Los Angeles location was closed in 1989, prior to its closing it faced numerous mesothelioma claims filed by former workers who were sickened by exposure to asbestos in high doses. In some cases, workers reported standing by piles of asbestos as they worked at various Todd locations.

The following is a list of Los Angeles, California worksites that have been identified as locations where asbestos exposure has been documented:

A. P. Mc Guinners
A-1 Novelty Company
Aaron Ferer & Son
Ac & S Inc
Advance Tank Company
Affiliated Metals
Agrashell Inc/ Agicide Labs
Air Reduction Pacific Company
Airesearch Corporation
Alameda Tank Company
Alex Robertson Company
Alexander Hotel Company
Alexandria Hotel
Aliso Street Gas Works
Allegheny-Ludlum Steel Corporation
Aluminum Alloy Casting Company
Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)
Aluminum Extrusion Company
Amal Gamated Oil Company
Amatex Corporation
Amer Chemical
American Airlines -Los Angeles International Airport
American Appliance Company
American Brazing Company
American Bridge Division
American Can Company
American Can Company (Terminal Annex)
American Container
American Hair & Felt Company
American Manganese Steel Division
American Minerals Company
American Pacific Steamship Company
American Potash & Chemical Corporation
American Research Corporation
American Smelting & Refining Company
Ametek Aluminum
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation
Angelus Floor Covering
Angelus Hospital
Angelus Steel Treating
Anheuser Busch Inc.
Ap Green Refractories Inc
Apex Steel Corporation
Archer Daniels Midland Company
ARCO Plaza
Arco Twin Towers
ARCO Twin Towers
Arden Farms
Armour & Company
Armstrong Cont & Supplies
Armstrong Cork Company
Arrow Plating Company
Arrowhead Puritas Water Company
Ashland Chemical Company
Associated Molding Company
Athens Gasoline Company
Atkinson Brick Company
Atlantic Richfield
Austin Company Office Building
Aviation High School
Aynes Steam Plant
B F Goodrich Company
Baash-Ross Tool Company
Baker Commodities
Baker Iron Works
Balboa Brewing Company
Balboa Water Treatment Plant
Bank of America Building
Banneker School
Banning Company
Baron Industries
Bechtel Corporation
Beeson Engineering Company
Bell School
Belmont High School
Belridge Oil Company
Belvedere Junior High School-Lausd
Berg Iron & Metal Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
Bevan Porcelain Company
Beverly Hillcrest
Beverly Hills Hotel
Bigelow Liptak
Biliche Rowan Fire Pf. Building. Company
Biltmore Hotel
Biltmore Hotel
Bimini Hot Springs
Bishop and Company
Black Angus
Blackstone Apartment Hotel
Bliss & Laughlin
Blue Bird Laundry
Blue Seal Linen Supply Company
Board of Education
Borden Chemical Company
Bowie Pie Company
Bradbury Building
Bray Chemical Company
Brinkman Steel & Supply Company
Burdett Oxygen Company
C F Braun
C.C. Moore & Company Engineers
Cal Tech
Calif Clay Manufacturing Company
Califelt Insulation Manufacturing Company
California Blowpipe & Steel
California Carbonic Company
California Consumers Corporation
California Container
California Doran
California Drop Forge
California Fireproof Door Company
California Fruit Canners Association.
California Industrial Company
California Metal Enameling Company
California Roto
California Sanitary Canning Company
California State College
California State University
California Stucco
California Technical Institute
California Zonolite
Calmo Engineering Company
Calstrip Steel Corporation
Canadian Bank Building
Cannon Electric
Capitol Foundry
Carnation Company
Carrier Corporation
Carson High School
Cascade Laundry Company
CBS Building
Cedar Sinai Medical Center
Cedars of Lebanon Hospital
Central Bag & Supply Company
Central Plants Incorporated
Century City Job
Century City Service Center
Century Metalcraft Manufacturing
Century Plaza Hotel
Century Plaza Office Towers
Chalmette & Gramercy
Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company
Chevron Shipping
Chickering Hall
Children’s Hospital
Childrens Hospital (Vermont Ave)
Cinclare Central Factory
Citibank Building
City Hall Annex
City Linen Service
City of Los Angeles Water Works
Civic Center
Clara Consolidated Gold and Copper Mining Company
Cliftons Cafeteria
Coalinga School
Coast Insulating Products
Cocos Restaurant
Cold Metal Products Company of Ca, The
Coldwell Banker & Company
College of Medical Evangalists
Collier Carbon & Chemical Corporation
Collier Carbon & Chemical, Petroleum Building
Collins and Webb
Color America
Columbia Mills Inc The
Columbia Phonograph
Columbia Pictures Studios
Columbia Record Div of Cbs Inc
Columbia Steel Corp
Combustion Engineering
Commercial Iron Works
Conservative Life Ins Company Building
Conservative Water Company
Consolidated Steel Corporation
Consolidated Western Steel (Us Steel Corp)
Container Corp of America
Container Div International Paper Company
Continental Can Company
Continental Company Building
Continental Oil Company
Convention Center Building
Cooper Lumber Company
Cosco Fire Protection
Courthouse Jail
Crescent Creamery Company
Crescent Towel & Linen Supply Company
Criminal Courts Building
Crown Zellerbach Corporation
Crystal Petroleum Products Corp
Cudahy Packing Company
Cudahy Packing Company
Cutting Engineering Works
D&D Disposal
Dave Chasen’s Restaurant
Davis Apartments
Department of Water & Power
Deseret Industries
Design Craft
Devoe & Reynolds Company, Inc.
Dickson Gun Plant
Dixie Preserves Company
Dixon Chemical
Domestic Laundry
Dominguez Water Corporation
Donovan Lumber Company
Donovan Steamship Company
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Styrene Project La
Dry Ice Corporation
Dyemasters Inc
E D Hough
E. P. Clark Building.
E.B. Wiggins Oil Tool
E.K. Wood Lumber Company
Eakins Company Les
Earle M. Jorgensen Company
Eastern Iron & Metal Company Ltd
Eastern Pickle Products Inc
Eastern Smelting & Refining Company
Eastman Kodak Company
Edington Oil
Edison Electric Company
Edison H.S.
Edison Ice Company
Edwards Air Force Base
Ehrhart & Associates Inc
Ej Stanton & Son
El Camino Real School
El Rey Products Company
El Segundo Steam Plant
El Torito
Emco Derrick & Equipment Company
Emery Industries Inc.
Emsco Derrick and Equipment
Emsco Press Forging Company
Equitable Life Building
Esb Inc
Eugene Murray
Euston Apartments
Excelsior Laundry Company
Fabrication Shop
Fabriform Metal Products Inc
Fairfax School
Farmer John’S
Fay Company’s Laundry
Federal Facilities Corporation
Federal Mogul
Federated Metals (Div of Asarco)
Fenco – 223Rd and Alameda Sts.
Ferer, Aaron & Sons Inc
Fern Avenue School
Fibreboard Corporation
Fibreglass Engr & Supply
Filtrol Chemical
Filtrol Corporation
Finch, Leon Ltd
Finkelstein Supply Company
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company
First Federal Building
Firth Sterling Inc
Fisher-Klosterman Inc
Flintkote Company
Fluid Packed Pump Company
Fluor Corporation
Fobreglass Eng
Fontenoy Apartments
Food Machinery & Chemical Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Foremost Dairies
Forrester Building
Fortifiber Corporation
Frederick O’Brien Paint & Varnish Works
Furness Withy & Company Ltd
Gaffers & Sattler
Garden City Paper Company
Gardena School
Garfield High School
Gas Plant
Gay Engineering Corporation
General Cable Company
General Cable Corporation
General Dynamics Corporation – Liquid Carb Div
General Electric Company
General Paint Corporation
General Petroleum Corporation
General Refractories
General Veneer Manufacturing
General Welding and Manufacturing Company
Getty Building
Gilmore & Nolan Inc
Gilmore Oil Company
Giroux Consolidated Mines Company
Gladding Mcbean & Company
Glass Container
Glass Containers Corporation
Globe Laundry
Globe Lumber Company Ltd
Globe Oil Tools Company
Gloler Grain and Milling Company
Gnb Battery
Golden State Creamery
Good Samaritan Hospital
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Gore Bros. Restaurant
Gotham Industries
Grano Steel
Grays Funeral Chapel
Great Lakes Carbon Corp
Great Southwest Cleaners & Dyers
Greer Products Inc
Griffith Observatory
Griffth Company
Gypsum Company
H. Kramer Company
H.I. Thompson Fiberglass
Halliburton Company
Hamburger Department Store
Hammel Street School
Hammond Lumber Company
Hamms Brewery
Hardesty, W.C., Company, Inc
Harris Steel Fence Company
Harsell Engineering Company
Hauser Packing Company
Hawaiian Cement Corporation
Haynes Steam Generating Plant
Health & Welfare Building
Health Administration Building
Hebrew Union College
Hellman Building
Helms Bakeries
Henry Asphalt Company
Herberts Machinery Company
Hercules Forge Corporation
Hickman Bros., Inc.
Hicks Tile Company
Higgins Building.
Hilton Hotel
Hoagland Lakin Electric and Engineering Company
Hoffman Medical Center
Holladay & Chace
Holly Sugar Company
Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital
Holmes Tuttle
Home Ice and Cold Storage Company
Hoover School
Hospital of The Good Samaritan
Hospital Supply Company of Calif
Hoxie and Goodloe
Hughes Air Craft
Hunt Engr. Company
Hunts Hotel
Hydril Corporation
Hydril Inter American
Hygrade Food Products Corporation
Hyland Stanford Company
I.T.E. Circuit Breaker Company
IBM Building
Ind Building Matl
India Paint and Lacquer Company
Industrial Engineers, Inc.
Industrial Tectonics
Insulation Inc
Insulators Union – Local 5
Intermountain Power Agency
International Airport
International Building
International Extrusion
International Paper Company
International Shoe
Isaacs Building
Italian Terracottacompany
J B Banning Company
J R Orpheum, Limited
J.A. Bauer Pottery Company
J.A. Bogung
J.E. Coberly, Inc.
J.F. Connell
J.T. Thorpe, Inc.
Jacques DuBois Gift Shop
James River of Nevada
Jefferson Ice Company
Jefferson School
Jefferson Smurfit
John Muir School
Johns-Manville Products Corporation
Jonathan Club
Jones & Laughlin Steel
Jorgensen, Earle M., Company
Jorgenson Steel
Joshua Hendy Corporation
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical
Kaiser Medical Center
Kal Kan Foods Inc
Kasco Abrasive Incorporated
Kern Food Products
Kerr Mcgee Chemical Corporation
Kirkhill Rubber Company
Kleen Towell Service
Knudson Creamery
Krieger Oil Company
L. & F. Industries
L.A. County Art Museum
L.A. Courthouse jail
L.A. Times Building
L.D. Reeder Company, 2900 Rowena Ave.
La Sierra Heights Canning Company
Lacanada Heating & Air Conditioning
Lacy Manufacturing Company
Ladish Pacif Division
Ladys Choice Foods
Last Chance Mining Corporation
Latchford Glass
Latchford Marble Glass Company
Latchford, W J Company
Lax Super Bay Hanger, Northridge Mall
Lever Brothers Company
Lh Butcher Company
Libby Owen Glass Factory
Lincoln Mercury Division
Lindberg Steel Treating
Linde Air Products Company
Liquid Carbonic Corporation
Lomita Gas
Los Angeles Accurate Insulation
Los Angeles Air Conditioning
Los Angeles and Pacific Railway Company
Los Angeles Athletic Club
Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel
Los Angeles Brewing Company
Los Angeles By-Products
Los Angeles City Dye Works
Los Angeles City Water & Power
Los Angeles County Central Plant
Los Angeles County Courthouse
Los Angeles County General Hospital
Los Angeles County Hospital
Los Angeles County Men’s Jail
Los Angeles County Music Center
Los Angeles County Road Department
Los Angeles County Sanitation
Los Angeles Courthouse
Los Angeles Creamery Company
Los Angeles Drug Company
Los Angeles Electric Company
Los Angeles Gas and Electric
Los Angeles General Hospital
Los Angeles Hall of Records
Los Angeles Harbor
Los Angeles High School
Los Angeles Hyperion Sewage Disposal Dept
Los Angeles Ice and Cold Storage Company
Los Angeles Infirmary Sisters’ Hospital
Los Angeles International Airport (L.A.X.)
Los Angeles Junction
Los Angeles Lathing Company
Los Angeles Lighting Company
Los Angeles Manual Arts High School
Los Angeles Medical Center
Los Angeles Pacific Railway Company
Los Angeles Paper Company
Los Angeles Paper Manufacturing Company
Los Angeles Perior Furniture Company
Los Angeles Potteries
Los Angeles Pressure Brick Company
Los Angeles Railway Company
Los Angeles Soap Company
Los Angeles Steel Casting
Los Angeles Tanker
Los Angeles Tech Trade School
Los Angeles Traction Company
Los Angeles Trust Company
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
Los Angeles Water Plant
Los Angeles Water Works
Los Angeles Zoo
Los Feliz Elementary School
Lovell Gasoline Corp’S
Lowell Gasoline Corp
Lucern Milk Company
Lucerne Creamery
Lucerne Milk Company
Lundy Thaggard
Madison Apartments
Maier and Zobelein Brewery
Maier Packing Company
Majestic Bakery (1412 West 54Th St)
Mandalay Powerhouse
Mandarin Food Products Inc.
Manual Arts School
March Air Force Base
Maremont Corporation, Grizzly Brake Division
Marsh Company Murray
Martin Luther King Junior General Hospital
Marvin Avenue School
Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Building.
Mary M Bethune Junior High
Mathie Brewing Company
Max Weil of California
May Company
Mayflower Hotel
Mccormick Steamship Company
Mccullough Plant
McDonald’s Sunset blvd. & Fountain Ave.
Mcdonnell Douglas Aircraft Company
Mckinney Hardwood Company
Mckinney Lumber Company
Mcrae Paint Products
Merchants Ice and Cold Storage Company
Merchants National Bank Building
Merchants Packing
Metalclad Products Corp
Metals Refining Company Inc
Metropolitan Insurance Company
Metropolitan Water District
Mid-Way Hospital
Midwest Piping & Supply Company
Miller Soap Products
Minerals Processing Company
Mission Dry Corporation
Mitchell Rubber
Mobil Oil Company
Mobil Oil Refinery
Monolith Portland Cement
Morgan Laundry Service, Inc
Morris P. Kirk & Son
Mountain View Dairies
Mueller Company
Mullin Lumber Company
Murray Marsh
Mutual Benefit Building
Mutual Benefit Life
Mutual Dairy Association
Myers Drum Company
Myra Hersey Hall; UCLA
National Aluminate Corp
National Biscuit Company
National Briquetting and Clay Working Machy. Company
National Container Corporation
National Enameling & Foundry Company
National Gas Equipment Company
National Home For D.V.S
National Lead Company
National Screw & Manufacturing Company of California
National Ship Service
National Tank & Manufacturing Company
Natoinal Paper Products Company
Navarro Apartments
New Process Laundry of South California
Nicholas Conveyor & Engineering Company
Norman Pitt, Inc.
Norris Stamping & Manufacturing Company
Norris Thermador
North American Aviation
North American Rockwell
North Ontario Dried Fruit Company
Noyes Roach Company & C.L. Peck Contracting
Nukem Products Corp, Merit Western
Occidental Center
Occidental College, A.G. Coons Center
Odd Fellows Temple Association
Old Colony Paint & Chemical Company
One Wilshire
Oscar Mayer & Company
Otis Elevator
Owens Illinois
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
Owl Truck & Construction Company
Oxnard Mandalay Plant
Pabco Paper Products
Pabst Brewery
Pacific Abrasive Supply
Pacific Branch N.H D.United States Soldiers Home
Pacific Clay Products
Pacific Coast Fireproofing
Pacific Commercial
Pacific Electric Railway Company
Pacific Finance Building
Pacific Fruit Express Company
Pacific Goodrich
Pacific Hard Rubber Company
Pacific Light and Power Company
Pacific R & H Chemical Company
Pacific Reduction Company
Pacific Sewer Pipe Company
Pacific Soap Company
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company
Pacific Tube
Pacific Welding Alloys Manufacturing Company
Pacoima Junior High School
Park La Brea Apts (Fairfax/Wilshire)
Park La Brea Towers
Pasadena Land and Water Company
Pasadena Los Angeles Electric Railway Company
Patent Scaffolding Company
Pax Metal Corporation
Pedro Potteries
Peerless Laundry Services
Peterson Manufacturing
Petrol Corp-Bandini Blvd
Petroleum Equipment
Phelps-Dodge Corporation
Pico Steam Bath
Pillsbury Mills
Pioneer Div
Pioneer Flintkote Company
Pioneer Manufacturing. Company
Pioneer Pacific Worsted Company
Pioneer Paper
Pioneer Roofing
Pittsburg Chemical
Planning Professions Building
Plant Insulation
Plaza Company
Plessey Precision Metals
Plibrico Company
Plumb Tool
Polytechnic High School
Porteous Fastener Company
Precision Lightweight Aggregate
Price-Pfister Brass Manufacturing Company
Prima Die Company
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company
Production Steel Company
Prudential Building
Prudential Savings & Loan
Purex Corporation
Q.R.S. Neon Company
Quaker Oats
Quality Packing Company
Queen of Angels Hospital
R & R Chiller and Condenser
Ragusa Pattern & Foundry
Ralph M Parsons Corp
Ramona School
Randolph Tx. Mines
Ransom & Rudolph Company
Reece Insulation
Reed Roller Bit Company
Refining Assoc. Indonesia
Rehco Sheetmetal
Replacement Unit Company
Republic Steel
Revere Copper & Brass
Rhom & Haas Chemical
Rice Ranch Oil
Rich Steel Pickling Company
Richfield Oil Corporation
Rio Grande Oil Company
Roosevelt High School
Rosedale Cemetary Association
Russell Burdsall & Ward Inc.
S.F. Team Track
Saint Francis Hospital
Saint Johns Medical Center
Samson Tire and Rubber Company
San Carlos Circle Star Theatre
San Gabriel Electric Company
San Onofre Generating Plant
San Pedro Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railway
San Pedro Shipyard
Santa Ana Laundry
Santa Fe Railway
Santa Maria Electric and Gas Company
Sawyer Electric
Scattergood Powerhouse
Schaeffer Tool Works
Schlitz Brewing Company
Schurs Oil Burner Company
Scriver & Quinn, Inc.
Seaside Water Company
Secondo Guasti
Security First National Bank
Serco Aluminum Company
Shell Chemical Company
Shell Oil Company
Sherman Oaks School
Shriners Childrens Hospital
Sierra Roofing
Sierra Steel Foraging Company
Sierras Construction Company
Signal Oil Company
Sillers Paint & Varnish Company
Simons Brick Company
Smith Tools
Smurfit Stone Container
Sokig Lumber Company
Solar Manufacturing. Corporation
Soldiers Home
Soule Steel
South Pacific Pipeline – Pump Station
Southern Board and Paper Mills
Southern Bolt & Screw
Southern Calif Gas Company
Southern California Box Company
Southern California Chemical Company
Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas Company
Southern California Iron & Steel Company
Southern California Water Company
Southern Pacific Company
Southern Pacific Railroad
Southwest Engineering Company
Southwest Steel Rolling Mills
Southwestern Engineering Company
Southwestern Portland Cement
Sparklette Bottled Water Company
St John’s Hospital
St. Vincents Hospital
Standard Battery Seperator Company
Standard Boiler and Steel Works
Standard Oil Company of California
Standard Wiping Company
Star Brass Foundry Company
Star Lighting Fixture Company
State School For Boys
Statler Hilton Hotel
Statler Hotel
Stauffer Chemical
Steel Coating
Sterer Engineering & Manufacturing. Company
Sterling Cleaners
Stirling Meat Company
Stone & Webster
Sugar Products
Sunny Sally Inc.
Super Bay Hangar, American Airlines
Superior Oil Company
Sweets Company of Am
Swift and Company
Sylmar Packing Company
Table Linen Supply Company
Taco Bell
Technicolor Motion Picture
Temple Hospital
Terminal Annex Post Office
Texaco Building
Texaco Inc.
Texallano Plant
Texas Company Building
The L.A. Brewing Company
The Mason Manufacturing Company
Theodore Hamm Brewing Company
Thomas Havesty Company
Thorpe Insulation
Tidewater Associated Oil Company
Time Magazine headquarters
Tishman Building
Title Guarantee & Trust Building
Tl Artz Foundry
Todd Shipyard
Tonapath & Tidewater R.R. Company
Topeka Drive School
Transamerican Building
Trigen Central Plants
Trojan Aircraft Castings
U P Lease Pipeline
U.S. Rubber Company
Ucla – Library
Ucla – Memorial Center
Ucla Hospital – Medical Center
Union Hollywood Water Company
Union Ice Company
Union Oil Company of California
Union Oil Marine
Union Pacific Plant
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Union Pacific Refinery
Union Packing Company
Union Well Supply Company
Uniroyal Tire Company
United Airlines Terminal – LAX
United Linen Supply Company
United Pacific Aluminum Corporation
United Rexall Drug Company
United Ship Service
United States Aluminum Company
United States Rubber Company
United Technology Corporation
Univ of California Los Angeles Campus
University of Calif At Los Angeles
University of California
University of California – Administration Building
University of California – Hoffman Medical Center
University of Southern California
University of Southern California Hospital
University of Southern California Medical Center
Us Electrical Motors Inc
Us Perlite Company
Us Perlite Manufacturing Company
Us Rubber Company
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company
Valley Place Methodist Church
Valley Towel Supply
Van Buskirk Drywall
Van Nuys Building. Company
Veterans Administration Building
Veterans Administration Hospital
Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center – West
Wallinder Corporation
Washington High School
Weber Baking
Wesco Steel Rolling Mills Corp
West Side Lighting Company
West Side Lithograph Company
Western Brass
Western Die Casting Company
Western Drop Forge
Western Fibrous Glass Prod
Western Mill & Lumber Company
Western Pipe & Steel
Western Precipitation Corporation
Western Refining Corp
Western States Lacquer Company
Western Talc Company
Western Waxed Paper Company
Western Waxide
Whitaker Company (Bermite Division)
White Memorial Hospital
Whittler, Mh, Company, Ltd
Wilcox & Company, Inc.
Wildasin Team Track
Williams & Sons
Wilsey Bennett Company
Wilshire Oil
Wilshire Plaza
Wilson & Company
Winning & Pepelow
Witfield Chemical Corp
Working Machine Company
World Trade Center
Wright and Callender Building. Company
Youngs Market

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